How to make my own subliminal cds?

I have finally figured out how to make my own subliminal cds. It does not even require as much brain work as I thought it would need! Basically, to create your own subliminal cds, you have to plan on which ailments are you aiming to improve. If you are not sure, check out from eBay and they will list out 101 kinds of ailments that you could probably pick from. Choosing to improve the right kind of ailment is important, as you would not want to create a subliminal cd on bed wetting when your initial aim is to improve your self-esteem right?

First things first, you will definitely need The recording kit. You can choose to get free audio software like Audacity. The recording kit should include components like audio editing software, a selection of nature songs or relaxing music, pre-recorded affirmations, and binaural beats (ready to use soundtracks in which messages can be embedded straightaway).

The audio editing software serves the purpose of producing that out-of-the-world sound experience. This software is able to generate special acoustics effects (including binaural beats and backward recording) that are required for subliminal messaging. Some other software that you would like to try will be Abobe, GoldWave and Acoustica.

If you are an acoustic expert, you can create a powerful subliminal messaging soundtrack. However, if you are not really good at it, then you can choose to create a personalized soundtrack of subliminal messages.

#1 You have to prepare the right set of subliminal messages that will influence you subliminally. This part requires a lot of attention and loads of thinking, while the subsequent steps would be pretty easy to grasp on.

#2 Learn to record and re-record them until you are totally satisfied with the playback results. Use the audio editing software for this step.

#3 Select one of the readymade soundtracks that consist of nature songs, binaural beats or relaxing music. Most experts would recommend the use of binaural beats. The soundtrack that you have selected is your “backing” track.

#4 Change the audio editing software to “multi-tracking mode” and use this to record your precious affirmations into the backing track. How to go about doing this? Well, check out your Recording Software manual!

#5 Set the affirmation recording to begin playing about five minutes after the backing track has begun its job. This is to ensure that when the final recording plays to your ears, the backing track will set your brain at ease. Also change the affirmation recording to loop back whenever it ends. This means that the relatively shorter affirmation recording will play again and again throughout the time that the long backing track plays.

#6 Preview your work! If your voice is playing at too high a volume, find out how to reduce it. The threshold of hearing is 0 decibels. So anything below that is acceptable.

#7 Save your work! Your first ever subliminal cd is ready to be played!

If you’re considering selling your own subliminal CDs then you’ll also need to make sure that the audio backing track allows you to do this. You can find plenty of royalty free music on the web (and even on eBay), so there’s lots of choice. Just make sure you stay on the right side of the law!

How to Make the Most of Your Subliminal CDs

Subliminal CDs work by sending positive affirmations into your subconscious mind. This helps the subconscious to accept the message as a command, and as the subconscious is unable to reason by itself, unlike the conscious mind, this allows it to accept the positive messages as reality.

Many subliminal CDs producers make impossible or seemingly unattainable promises that their CDs will produce miracle results for you. However, this is not possible without some effort on your part, or everyone will be walking around with a slim figure and greater confidence overnight. That is not to say that subliminal messages and subliminal CDs do not work – they do. The trick is in using it the right way, so that you can make the most out of your subliminal CD.

1) Believe

The first step in using the subliminal CD is that you must believe in it. Whilst the jury on the research is still out on the effectiveness of subliminal CDs, there is no reason to reject it just because you have never tried this form of learning and self-help. The best way to decide if the subliminal CD works for you is to try it, and believe in it. After all, if it doesn’t work there is sometimes a money back guarantee from a reputable producer.

2) Identify your Intent
Before you start learning anything new, or achieving a goal, you have to identify exactly what is it that you want to achieve. What do you hope to learn, and what is your desired out come? If you start using your subliminal CDs without a goal in mind, your subconscious mind will lack a clear and focused direction, and this hinders the subliminal messaging process. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to identify what your goal is.

3) Play your CDs at the appropriate time

Most subliminal CDs recommend usage when you are not busy working or driving. This is important, and you should only listen to them in “dead” time, for example when you are on public transport, or jogging on a treadmill. Whilst it is alright to listen to them whilst conducting other activities, it is better if these activities do not need your full attention, such as driving, as it could be potentially dangerous for you. Check the website or the packaging of your subliminal CD for appropriate instructions on when you can or cannot listen to it.

4) Relaxed atmosphere
If possible, listen to your CD only when you have calmed yourself down and are able to sit quietly without being disturbed for the length of the CD. This way, you will be able to reap the most benefit out of your time spent listening to it. When you are relaxed, your mind and body will be more receptive to the messages it is listening to, which will speed up the process of making the subliminal CDs more effective for you.

5) Reinforcing what you have learnt
Subliminal CDs, much like learning a new subject, require constant reinforcement so that you do not forget what you have learnt. Similarly, it is encouraged to listen to the subliminal CDs at constant intervals to ensure that your mind does not forget what it has learnt!

Creating Custom Subliminal CDs

The mind is a highly complex instrument, consisting of different levels of consciousness, namely the conscious and the subconscious. Subliminal messages work by bypassing the conscious mind into the subconscious mind, in order to provide it with the goals to transform into reality. Communication links allows the subconscious mind to affect the conscious mind. Thus, ideas or goals that are delivered into the subconscious can be, no matter how unrealistic it may seem at that moment in time, translated into reality. This is as the subconscious is unable to critically pick out fallacies.

Subliminal CDs
There are many outstanding subliminal CD producers online, with a range of products that you may be interested in. These list out the different subliminal messages that are used in the CD, ranging from weight loss, breast enhancement and improved confidence among others. It is important to check for the online site’s credentials, as well as for real life testimonials.

Pre-recorded subliminal CDs are thus a common start to positive affirmations, and credible subliminal CD producers will make sure that the messages they have added will produce the desired positive outcome when you use them according to instructions. A website that offers a guarantee on results based on repeated customers and testimonials is more reliable if you are a new user of subliminal CDs.

Custom Subliminal CDs
In the event that you are unable to find a subliminal CD from a reputable producer to meet your needs, there is always the alternative of producing your own custom subliminal CDs.

Many producers are offering custom subliminal CDs tailored to your needs which are inexpensive. Creating a custom subliminal CD on your own is also possible, using free audio software and a microphone. All you need to do is record the positive affirmations, drop it into the audio recording software and burn it as a audio file.

A Word of Caution
Whilst this is an easy and quick process to achieving a desired subliminal CD, you will need to watch out for the messages that you intend to create. It is important to ensure that the subliminal messages that you are recording are clear and detailed to prevent confusion to your subconscious, and that it will produce the outcome that you are aiming for.

After all, prevention is better than cure. Any subliminal CD that you buy has straight access into your subconscious mind after all, and you want to make sure that you are sending it the right messages. It is always preferred to purchase a subliminal CD from a reputable buyer, and with the huge range of products being offered today it is not difficult to find one that will meet your needs, without the risks that creating your own custom subliminal CD holds.

Using Subliminal CDs for your Benefit

Subliminal CDs work by sending positive affirmations into your subconscious mind, which is not able to reason by itself, unlike the conscious mind. This allows it to accept the positive messages as reality and work to ensure that it does bear fruit. Subliminal CDs helps the subconscious mind to accept the message as a mental command, much similar to one that you may issue it through constant repetition of positive affirmation messages, for example. There are many different ways that subliminal CDs send the messages into your mind, the most common being stereo confusion, reverse messages, silent sound and binaural beats.

Although there has always been controversy surrounding the usage of subliminal CDs, it has been shown that the subliminal messages do play a part in ensuring positive results. The subliminal CDs are able to deliver the positive messages directly to the subconscious, bypassing the conscious mind totally. One of the biggest problems with positive affirmation is in believing that you will achieve your goal, due to the critical thinking ability of the conscious mind. With subliminal CDs, this is no longer an issue as your subconscious mind will receive and believe in the positive affirmations.

Subliminal CDs have been used for kicking bad habits and addictions, as well as improving a person’s mind, body and soul. They are a good and cost effective way to hypnosis sessions, which are often extremely costly. It is best when using subliminal CDs to ensure that you are in a relaxed state where you will not be disturbed. This will allow you to be more receptive towards the subliminal messages encouraging you to tackle problems, or to think more positively about yourself.

The many benefits of subliminal CDs include helping to reduce stress, as well as improving our health. The process of relaxation and focusing allows you to get rid of negative thoughts, and can also be used for mild anxiety, fears, weight loss, depression and building confidence. The best part of it all is that subliminal CDs allow you to do all this at your own pace and schedule, and there are CDs suitable for any need that you might have.

For case of mild anxiety disorders, subliminal CDs can help you to gain confidence and improve your self esteem. By reducing your stress level, this also helps with staving off panics such that they no longer bother you. Phobias and depression problems are also reduced, allowing you to make positive leaps forward in life.
Subliminal CDs are also suitable for children to use, and may help them with the problems that they face and yet are too shy to face or talk about. There have been cases of subliminal messages helping with problems such as nightmares and bed wetting. Subliminal CDs can also work to help them build confidence from a young age and prevent anxiety disorders when they grow up.

Although there are many mistaken fears regarding the use of subliminal CDs, with a trusted source and proven track records there is really nothing to worry about. The use of subliminal CDs has many benefits, and is a worthwhile investment as it can make powerful changes in improving your life, no matter your age.