How to make my own subliminal cds?

I have finally figured out how to make my own subliminal cds. It does not even require as much brain work as I thought it would need! Basically, to create your own subliminal cds, you have to plan on which ailments are you aiming to improve. If you are not sure, check out from eBay and they will list out 101 kinds of ailments that you could probably pick from. Choosing to improve the right kind of ailment is important, as you would not want to create a subliminal cd on bed wetting when your initial aim is to improve your self-esteem right?

First things first, you will definitely need The recording kit. You can choose to get free audio software like Audacity. The recording kit should include components like audio editing software, a selection of nature songs or relaxing music, pre-recorded affirmations, and binaural beats (ready to use soundtracks in which messages can be embedded straightaway).

The audio editing software serves the purpose of producing that out-of-the-world sound experience. This software is able to generate special acoustics effects (including binaural beats and backward recording) that are required for subliminal messaging. Some other software that you would like to try will be Abobe, GoldWave and Acoustica.

If you are an acoustic expert, you can create a powerful subliminal messaging soundtrack. However, if you are not really good at it, then you can choose to create a personalized soundtrack of subliminal messages.

#1 You have to prepare the right set of subliminal messages that will influence you subliminally. This part requires a lot of attention and loads of thinking, while the subsequent steps would be pretty easy to grasp on.

#2 Learn to record and re-record them until you are totally satisfied with the playback results. Use the audio editing software for this step.

#3 Select one of the readymade soundtracks that consist of nature songs, binaural beats or relaxing music. Most experts would recommend the use of binaural beats. The soundtrack that you have selected is your “backing” track.

#4 Change the audio editing software to “multi-tracking mode” and use this to record your precious affirmations into the backing track. How to go about doing this? Well, check out your Recording Software manual!

#5 Set the affirmation recording to begin playing about five minutes after the backing track has begun its job. This is to ensure that when the final recording plays to your ears, the backing track will set your brain at ease. Also change the affirmation recording to loop back whenever it ends. This means that the relatively shorter affirmation recording will play again and again throughout the time that the long backing track plays.

#6 Preview your work! If your voice is playing at too high a volume, find out how to reduce it. The threshold of hearing is 0 decibels. So anything below that is acceptable.

#7 Save your work! Your first ever subliminal cd is ready to be played!

If you’re considering selling your own subliminal CDs then you’ll also need to make sure that the audio backing track allows you to do this. You can find plenty of royalty free music on the web (and even on eBay), so there’s lots of choice. Just make sure you stay on the right side of the law!

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