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Why subliminal ads work better then normal ads?

Grab a magazine now and flip it to any page with an advertisement. All you can see now is a picture of a lady basking in the sun with the camera upfront, zooming at her shades. Looks like a typical advertisement for the latest eyewear. But little did we know that even such normal looking advertisement could have some grotty meaning to it. Don’t believe? Try searching harder! IF you are lucky, maybe you can spot something like the word “SEX” embedded in her hair or somewhere. But why do advertisers bother to use subliminal messages when these messages are not made obvious to consumers? But did you realize that maybe this is the reason why subliminal ads work better then normal ads?

It certainly does not make any sense to sprinkle hidden messages in advertisement, and make the consumers play a game of  “Spot the hidden Mickey.” You might have guessed that it is easier to make advertisements straight to the point, instead of using these sneaky techniques.

The reason why subliminal ads are different from normal ads is because it works by influencing and affecting you subconsciously. Yes, it is true. Your subconscious mind detects these little hints of subliminal images/messages that you see from advertisements or sorts. This is also the main reason why advertisers prefer to use subliminal ads that are not obvious, but subtle.

It is amazing how subliminal advertising that are portrayed in movies or in other forms of medium can turn people into mindless cyborgs who cannot resist the urge to drink a certain brand of beer or the urge to shop at a particular store.

Rapid flashing of logo or images helps to beam messages into the human mind. That is why advertisers repeat their advertisements endlessly so that the new idea-injecting technique works while you are innocently enjoying the program. While these idea-words may appear embedded in the images too fast and too dimly to be seen in the normal way, they surprisingly still register on your mind!

This is in contrast with normal ads that are not as subtle as subliminal ads. They are more straightforward. While these normal ads can be more appealing than subliminal ads, viewers would not be able to retain this information from the ad for long. So for advertisers who use normal advertising techniques, they will definitely have to work harder to get the crowd that they want.

However, others beg to differ. Why would an advertiser risk charges of “brainwashing” and “subliminal suggestion” when good-old-fashioned front-and-center advertising is more effective? You don’t have to trick someone in order to affect his or her preferences. Sometimes the best method of persuasion is the most obvious one.

Also, some believe that by using repeated exposure, it does not necessarily increase one’s liking. Subliminal ads are also said to only work effectively if it involves a new product or brand that is unfamiliar. So, this means that Coca Cola is not going to have much luck with subliminal ads. Subliminal ads tend to contain pretty grotty images/messages. Imagine the influence of subliminal messages on our amateurs.

But one thing is for sure, advertisers can never give up on using subliminal ads. It is a business world out there after all.

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Using subliminal seduction to score that Chick!

Well, first were the subliminal images in advertisements, and then next was the subliminal messages in songs, now what? The usage of subliminal in seduction too? The world is going crazy! Ok, it is not THAT crazy because after reading this article you will realize that you will soon be interested in using subliminal seduction to score that chick!

Basically, the idea of using subliminal technique is to make the seduction and attraction seems natural. (Well, of course it is not!) . It works by influencing the person’s subconscious mind.

Subliminal seduction is the method of seducing a person to do an act in a rather subtle manner. It is safe to say that subliminal seduction is the same seduction technique but is done covertly. Guys listen up: This technique is more effective if it is used with women.

The secret to the success of subliminal seduction lies within the attitude. No attitude, no babe. As a man, convince her and let her believe that she is incredibly sexy. Boost her ego! While you are doing this, do maintain your status, and do not over do it or it will make you look desperate (like totally!). Next, make her think than you are of greater value and importance than her. To do this, remember to keep your cool at all times. Maintain this attitude throughout!

Then comes in the real conversation. This is no ordinary conversation. It is the seductive conversation. Men always fail to realize than women (by nature) loves to talk! So, tell her the words that she wants to hear. Sprinkle magical and magnificent words to her. Boy, she would probably melt before your very eyes!

Ok, if you are out on a date and ready for dessert, try requesting for chocolates from the menu. Chocolates are like next to diamonds in the list of “what girls love best”! Chocolates gives a great, sensual and seductive mood that leads to love and passion. According to history, chocolate has always been used to seduce beautiful women. Time to make your chick melt with this sinful, seductive desert.

The last tip to scoring that chick: Be yourself! Yes, nothing is sexier than a man who is comfortable with his own skin. By being yourself, it acts as a natural charm! There you go, you do not need drive cars and wear tuxedos to be a charmer and a seducer. Be natural. Girls like is natural too, sometimes.

Imagine this: Many times in a bar you will go up to a woman and ask her to dance and she’ll just say the big fat “NO”. Getting rejected sure hurts! But by using subliminal seduction techniques, you will be able to go and ask that same woman and trust me, she will definitely say yes. With subliminal seduction, by the look in your eye, the manner in which you carry yourself, and the tone and inflection of your voice, you can make a woman weak in her knees.

It is an art that have to be mastered. Use subliminal seduction and have a great night of romance!

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The power of subliminal messaging in advertisements

The power of the subliminal messaging in advertisements is inevitable. The term “subliminal message” was popularized in 1917 (World War I), when the US army would sneak messages into songs and put subliminal messages in posters trying to get people to join the army. Subliminal messaging is known to be as form of communication, which is below the threshold of our consciousness. This simply means we subconsciously detect the messages that we hear, read or watch. Usually, subliminal messages are embedded in another object (or form) and are transmitted to the viewer or listener briefly. But how can the subliminal messages in advertisements be so powerful when we don’t even get to recognize them consciously?

Believe it or not, subliminal messaging can be pretty harmful. In “Subliminal Seduction” which was written by Wilson Bryan Key in 1973, he claims that subliminal techniques that were widely used in commercial advertising can lead to certain dangerous consequences on the viewers or listeners.

Scientists later do confirm that subliminal messaging in advertisements do work, especially if the conditions are right.

But why use subliminal messaging instead of normal messaging in advertisements?

Try digesting this:

Erotic and vivid images definitely appeal to all viewers, but the only thing is that it is made too obvious such that if one asks you what the advertisement is about, you are able to recap is back easily. This scientifically means that you are at the conscious level when you heard/saw the advertisement. It barely leaves an impact on you. For example, images or products that are purposely placed in movies like Burger King in “Men In Black II” are not subliminal because all the advertisers hope for is for viewers to remember the product. But this is considered as one of the most ineffective way in promoting the product, unlike subliminal ads that are able to escape the conscious awareness of every human and hence leaving a greater impact.

Subliminal ads that usually include specific and brief messages can actually appeal a vast crowd. Like as aforementioned, it works by influencing the human subconscious mind. You may not have known but in a recent study, 4 out of 5 of the words “SEX” were embedded into vacation slides such that they were not visibly noticeable.

In 1957, NY drive-in theater flashed the words “Drink Coca Cola” and “Eat Popcorn” for 1/3000th of a second ever 5 seconds over and over again across the face of the actor, throughout the movie. Guess what? An NY market researcher, James Vicary gloat as he talked about the increase of 58% in Coke and 18% in popcorn sales.

Citizens and congressmen were outraged and ever since then, the concept of subliminal messages or anything of that sort became hard for people to embrace.

We don’t know for sure whether advertisers really try to induce people subliminally or, in fact, subliminal ads really do deliver the promised embedded messages. But if subliminal advertisements were indeed capable of exerting this kind of effect on our behavior, and without our knowledge, then obviously we would need protection from it.

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The magical power of subliminal ad

Subliminal comes from the Latin word sub (below) and limen (threshold). By putting two and two together, you will get the meaning as the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without their being aware of it. The magical power of subliminal ad can be pretty effective on making consumers change their lifestyle and desires. It works by influencing their subconscious mind. This is perceived as the easier way out for all advertisers to get all the consumers they want.

Ever since the first time subliminal ad was tested in the movies in 1950’s and has proven to be highly effective, more and more advertisers view this method of promoting their product as the ideal way of advertising. Since money is all that they care about, they fail to acknowledge about the negative side effects that these can cause the younger generation if the subliminal messages are used wrongly. It is not a wonder why certain countries has restricted and forbid all advertisers from using any form of subliminal messages in their advertisements.

Yes, the uses of subliminal messaging in ads are proven to be highly workable. Subliminal messaging works by influencing the subconscious mind. All the viewer or consumer needs to do is just to sit down and watch advertisement roll by and within an instant, he will get his brain “washed” with the new “hidden” ideas that he didn’t even realise was there to influence him! This is simply because subliminal messages effects one, subconsciously. So, if you are overexposed to the same kind of advertisement in the long run, you will probably adapt to the new set of beliefs and lifestyle in no time.

Most of the time, consumers are unable to detect the subliminal messages that the advertisers have embedded in the advertisements. Let us take the example of a car advertisement. In most car advertisements, you will most probably see how the car drive through curbs and long stretches of road, with the beautiful scenery as the background, and the advertisement will end off nicely with a giant logo of the car. Simple and nice. Throughout the advertisement, you might have thought that the advertisers are trying to show that the car is one that is durable and tough. Well, think again. Subliminally, they just want to tell you to “get this car, and we will help you escape.”  You get the idea.

Subliminal messaging is highly popular now. Some subliminal messages can be pretty good for you, just like how they would show a poster of a well-endowed lady with alluring cleavage, holding a glass of milk, and how they show young girls smiling and laughing as they hold a glass of fruit juice. Tempts you to drink healthily and stay healthy.

Subliminal ads are indeed a magical tool in the advertising world. Advertisers are just doing their job. There is no way you can avoid these subliminal ads even if you want to because it is not too easy to detect one anyway. If you get to detect it, then it is not a subliminal message in first place.

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The amazing uses of subliminal pictures

There is no way you can spot a subliminal picture in advertisement in one look. But subconsciously, you are able to do it! This is very true, according to research done by scientists who believed that the mind could detect messages though the use of subliminal messaging in advertisements, songs, and movies. Because of this ability, the use of subliminal pictures has increased worldwide. Let us find out about the amazing uses of subliminal pictures.

Subliminal comes from the Latin word sub (below) and limen (threshold). Anything that is below the threshold of the conscious awareness is deemed as a subliminal. The subliminal messages works by influencing the subconscious mind. For example, from a normal poster/picture, one would not be able to detect any hidden message. But the subconscious mind is able to detect it. The consumer is unable to tell the difference. The difference can only be detected in the long run.

Go ahead and Google on “subliminal pictures”. You will get to see throngs of subliminal pictures and boy, most of them sure can be pretty explicit. Little did we know that such innocent pictures actually DO contain explicit subliminal content! Example, it was speculated that in most traveling advertisements; the words “SEX” are embedded in the posters and pictures. Well, while you might think that since we are unable to detect it consciously, why would it be an effective advertising technique?

In 1950’s when subliminal techniques were first used in movie theatres, they have announced an increase in 58% of coke sales. The advertisers simply flashed the images of Coca Cola for 1/30000 second across the face of the actor and presto! They get to increase their sales! Definitely the fast and easy way to scoring the desired amount of response from the public. But however, they faced charges later on from citizens who believe that these advertisers are just cheating them into buying the Cokes.

But again, while these subliminal pictures are used to attract consumers, there are also subliminal pictures that appear in normal ads that do not seem to help to promote anything in particular. In fact some speculated that explicit subliminal pictures that are not in relevance to the product that they are advertising, are just there to attract the attention of the crowd. And also, when you put a yellowed-brain man with an innocent picture, everything can turn explicit and hence irrelevant!

But, no worries. Not all countries allow the use of subliminal pictures. This is partly because subliminal pictures affect us unknowingly, and hence it is somewhat unfair for consumers, as we have the right to make our own decisions too.

Subliminal pictures that are embedded in posters and advertisements are usually pretty subtle in content. They would not want to make it far too obvious, or they would end up getting into trouble for “cheating” the consumers into “forcefully” making them buy their product. So, now that you’ve learnt about the amazing power that lies within the subliminal pictures, how about making it a habit to think about the subliminal pictures or words that might be embedded in advertisements!

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Subliminal images and its uses

Subliminal images dominate the advertising scene. Believe it or not, they actually do! It is just that as consumers, we are over exposed with advertisements in all form of medium that we no longer bother to give a specific advertisement a second look unless something catches our attention from the corner of the eye. People might have wondered why do advertisers bother using subliminal images in advertisement when we consumers cannot even spot it at first glance. Well, the answer lies within subliminal images and its uses. You might be surprised with the kind of effect that these pictures can cause.

Subliminal images that are below the threshold of human perception can trigger subconscious associations. This is return may and influence emotions and attitudes, especially in movies and television. Other uses of subliminal images would include persuading, teasing, complementing, scaring, disgracing and even seducing the audience!

Subliminal messaging is commonly used in pictures. Though, other forms of subliminal messaging also appear in mediums like songs. It is not easy to detect with the naked eyed. You would probably need to require the skill of squinting and a whole load of imagination. As aforementioned, subliminal pictures contain hidden messages that are believed to be able to increase the product sell.

One example of this is the popcorn sale during a movie in a drive-in theater. In 1953 James Vicary used subliminal messages in pictures by flashing images of “Eat popcorn” and “Drink Coke ” quickly. The verdict: He received an increase in sales for Coke and popcorn! It seems almost like a miracle.

The scientific explanation behind this is that when a person is continuously and quickly shown a subliminal message hidden behind a picture, even after the image is gone our subconscious maintains an after image of the message.

This theory also goes to those who use subliminal messages to improve themselves. For example, if you repeatedly look at your goal hidden as a subliminal message (in a visual) your subconscious will let go of self-beliefs and replace it with your goal. These messages directly influence our sub consciousness and eventually lead our sub consciousness in a certain direction.

To go around using subliminal pictures in advertising or promoting, one is advised to use pictures, which only has subtle messages, instead of obvious ones, like images of sex symbols that are used to promote liquor or cigarettes.

However, some researches argue that the effect of subliminal messages is rather insignificant while others believe that they might cause some harm. Another third group of researches believe that subliminal messages have no effect on our subconscious thus no effect on our actions.

Subliminal pictures have plenty of uses. It comes with the good and the bad. While the purpose of subliminal pictures is just to make consumers buy their product, as consumers, we do have to be careful with the kind of trap that we are in. Subliminal pictures affect us subconsciously, which make it difficult for us to detect it early. It is best to take everything with a pinch of salt and be a wise consumer.

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Subliminal messaging in advertising and its adverse effects

Advertisements are one form of publication that advertisers love to use to seek attention from the mass. Advertisement runs in all sorts of form. These advertisers can spread the love of their product through television, public posters, pamphlets, radio and now, even online. As consumers, we might not have noticed it but advertisers do actually have a special technique that they use to influence our interest and desires. The secret lies within the use of subliminal messaging. Some says that the use of subliminal messaging is highly useful and beneficial, but some beg to differ. SO, let us judge and find about subliminal messaging in advertising and its adverse effects.

Advertisers believe that it is necessary that they make great use of the 10-15 second. So of course their advertisements are made such that they are able to reach to the mass and influence them with the 10-15 seconds of airtime. What is the secret to doing this? Embed subliminal messages into their advertisements.  These subliminal messages that are embedded into advertisements can be pretty subtle in content. Some are just simple pictures or words, but some can be as explicit as contents that you will find in R21 movies. Words like “SEX” and sexual objects are said to be one of the most popular used items in advertisements.

What’s the rational behind using these explicit subliminal messaging? It is believed that these explicit contents are usually used in advertisements that promote vacation and holiday trips. It is somewhat believed that by detecting these subliminal messaging, it effects us subconsciously and triggers interest and certain acts of desires which we may not have noticed consciously.

But we must not forget, these advertisements are usually displayed in places or medium where it is reachable and accessible to everyone. So, imagine the side effects that it will have on our innocent amateurs! We definitely cannot blame these teenager for the scaling numbers in teenage pregnancies et cetera.

Give YouTube a search on subliminal advertising today, and you will find out that most of the advertisements have sprinkles of sexual content in them! It just needs a little bit of imagination, that’s all.

In the recent Iron Chef America show, a huge uproar was caused when a viewer caught the subliminal picture of McDonalds’ ever-famous golden arches in one frame during the show. Although the picture was only flashed for 1/30000 second, people criticized McDonalds for the subliminal messaging efforts. However, McDonalds insisted that they do not do subliminal messaging.

But, there are a few good subliminal messages that do exist (thank god!). Like how shopping centres play Muzak, which contain subliminal messages like “I am honest” and “I will not steal” to reduce the amount of cases for shoplifting.

But some prefers to view advertisements just the way it is. When you put a tainted brain and an advertisement together, even the most innocent advertisement can turn explicit! As consumers, we should learn to take everything with a pinch of salt. These advertisers are just doing their job anyway.

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Spot subliminal messages in Disney movies!

You have probably heard of rumors about subliminal images and messages that appear in you all time favorite Disney movies. If you are a parent, then I can imagine the horror upon knowing that your kid has been watching movies with such content! But how far is this true? Maybe they are just trying to condemn Disney and the colorful characters. Here, we will tell you where to spot subliminal messages in Disney movies. I bet you will think twice before letting your daughter watch the Little Mermaid again.

Well, some of the subliminal messages are not too hard to find. They are too common in most fairy tales that we tend to look at them as something norm.

While girls go crazy over Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White, have it ever crossed your mind that they actually have an adult flavor to them. For those 3 princesses, all of them are waiting for the Prince on the rescue. Indirectly, it shows that girls can’t live without the presence of a guy around. Well, you get the picture.

Zooming into Disney’s motion pictures, movies like Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King and The Rescuers has won the most attention in forums and blogs, citing about the explicit subliminal messages that these movies contain.

Starting off with Aladdin: It is rumored that at the end of one of the major songs, you will hear a voice saying, “All good girls take their clothes off!” That’s provided you blast the music or sit close to the speaker.

Verdict: Most people said there really is!

Next in line The Rescuers: Guys, keep your eyes glued to this one. In this movie, a pornographic image of a naked woman can be spotted in the background.  As Bianca and Bernard sail through the city in sardine box, a photographic picture can be seen in the window of a building in the background. Interested? This scene is approximately 38 minutes into the film.

Verdict: Totally true. In fact in 1999 January 8th, Disney announced a recall of the home video version of the 1977 classic.

Next! Beauty and the Beast: Apparently, there is a dildo in a large dance number with the teapots and candlestick.

Verdict: Nada from me. But many people swear that it is there!

The Little Mermaid: A man performing a wedding is shown in profile and gets an erection as the bride and groom approach.

Verdict: Absolutely no comment.

The Lion King-ky: When Simba kicks a cloud of dust while on a high cliff, the cloud briefly forms the letter  “S-E-X”

Verdict: The three characters do form, but it is pretty distorted so it looks like “S-F-X” which stands for “special effects”. I shall leave it up to you to ponder on it.

It is really hard to judge if the subliminal messages are really there. While you might be thinking twice about letting your daughter re-watch The Rescuers, it is best the keep this secret just between the adults. If you don’t tell the kids about it, they would never have known right?

So are you going to give up on Disney movies?

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