How to make my own subliminal cds?

I have finally figured out how to make my own subliminal cds. It does not even require as much brain work as I thought it would need! Basically, to create your own subliminal cds, you have to plan on which ailments are you aiming to improve. If you are not sure, check out from eBay and they will list out 101 kinds of ailments that you could probably pick from. Choosing to improve the right kind of ailment is important, as you would not want to create a subliminal cd on bed wetting when your initial aim is to improve your self-esteem right?

First things first, you will definitely need The recording kit. You can choose to get free audio software like Audacity. The recording kit should include components like audio editing software, a selection of nature songs or relaxing music, pre-recorded affirmations, and binaural beats (ready to use soundtracks in which messages can be embedded straightaway).

The audio editing software serves the purpose of producing that out-of-the-world sound experience. This software is able to generate special acoustics effects (including binaural beats and backward recording) that are required for subliminal messaging. Some other software that you would like to try will be Abobe, GoldWave and Acoustica.

If you are an acoustic expert, you can create a powerful subliminal messaging soundtrack. However, if you are not really good at it, then you can choose to create a personalized soundtrack of subliminal messages.

#1 You have to prepare the right set of subliminal messages that will influence you subliminally. This part requires a lot of attention and loads of thinking, while the subsequent steps would be pretty easy to grasp on.

#2 Learn to record and re-record them until you are totally satisfied with the playback results. Use the audio editing software for this step.

#3 Select one of the readymade soundtracks that consist of nature songs, binaural beats or relaxing music. Most experts would recommend the use of binaural beats. The soundtrack that you have selected is your “backing” track.

#4 Change the audio editing software to “multi-tracking mode” and use this to record your precious affirmations into the backing track. How to go about doing this? Well, check out your Recording Software manual!

#5 Set the affirmation recording to begin playing about five minutes after the backing track has begun its job. This is to ensure that when the final recording plays to your ears, the backing track will set your brain at ease. Also change the affirmation recording to loop back whenever it ends. This means that the relatively shorter affirmation recording will play again and again throughout the time that the long backing track plays.

#6 Preview your work! If your voice is playing at too high a volume, find out how to reduce it. The threshold of hearing is 0 decibels. So anything below that is acceptable.

#7 Save your work! Your first ever subliminal cd is ready to be played!

If you’re considering selling your own subliminal CDs then you’ll also need to make sure that the audio backing track allows you to do this. You can find plenty of royalty free music on the web (and even on eBay), so there’s lots of choice. Just make sure you stay on the right side of the law!

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Easy tips on how to make subliminal messages

Subliminal messages are meant to influence the subconscious mind. You might have heard about songs that have subliminal liturgies to them. These songs are said to praise Satan make listeners grow fonder to the idea of worshiping the Satan. But, there are also positive subliminal songs. Just like the ones that consist of soothing music and beats that helps to sooth one’s mind and resulting in self-improvement. Interested to make one of your own? Get easy tips on how to make subliminal messages here!

Creating your own subliminal messages isn’t that hard. You do not even have to break a sweat! Just follow these step-by-step instructions and you will get a hold of you own subliminal cd in no time!

You will need a certain kind of recording kit. This recording kit is supposed to contain the essential applications and software that is required to bring about the out of the world effects. The recording kit consists of mainly the audio editing software, different sorts of nature songs and relaxing music, pre-recorded affirmations and simple ready –to-use soundtracks which messages can be embedded straightway, or aka binaural beats.

With these tools in hand, you are more than ready to create your own masterpiece.

First, prepare a set of right messages that will beam out to you subliminally. This part needs the maximum thought and attention. You need to choose the right kind of ailment that you wish to improve/cure. Example of ailments could be eating disorder, bed-wetting and building confidence. Make sure you choose to focus on 1 kind of ailment only. While this process can be pretty tedious, you will find the rest of the steps a breeze.

Secondly, time to start recording. Make sure that you are meticulous here and take note of the slightest mistakes or undesirable sounds that ought to be omitted. The key here is to continue re-recording them until they sound close to perfect!

Thirdly, time to include the pre-recorded tracks that come in the recording kit. You can choose between binaural beats or nature songs. However, the use of binaural beats is highly recommended. This track will be your background track.

Fourthly, use the Multi-tracking mode and time to embed you affirmations in!

Fifth, arrange such that the affirmations start playing after 5 minutes into the backing track.  The purpose of this is to put your brain at ease while listening to the backing track playing. Also, remember to loop the affirmations recording such that the affirmations can continue playing repeatedly.

Last in line, you need to preview your work! If your voice is playing at a high volume, try to reduce it. This should be pretty easy to do. Experiment with the slider until you are satisfied that you are barely able to hear your own voice.

And there you go. You are all set with a new subliminal cd of your own creation!

Subliminal messages that are embedded in songs are becoming increasingly popular among athletes, celebrities and entrepreneurs. They used subliminal messages as a stepping-stone to their success. Now that you have created one, how about another?

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How to Make the Most of Your Subliminal CDs

Subliminal CDs work by sending positive affirmations into your subconscious mind. This helps the subconscious to accept the message as a command, and as the subconscious is unable to reason by itself, unlike the conscious mind, this allows it to accept the positive messages as reality.

Many subliminal CDs producers make impossible or seemingly unattainable promises that their CDs will produce miracle results for you. However, this is not possible without some effort on your part, or everyone will be walking around with a slim figure and greater confidence overnight. That is not to say that subliminal messages and subliminal CDs do not work – they do. The trick is in using it the right way, so that you can make the most out of your subliminal CD.

1) Believe

The first step in using the subliminal CD is that you must believe in it. Whilst the jury on the research is still out on the effectiveness of subliminal CDs, there is no reason to reject it just because you have never tried this form of learning and self-help. The best way to decide if the subliminal CD works for you is to try it, and believe in it. After all, if it doesn’t work there is sometimes a money back guarantee from a reputable producer.

2) Identify your Intent
Before you start learning anything new, or achieving a goal, you have to identify exactly what is it that you want to achieve. What do you hope to learn, and what is your desired out come? If you start using your subliminal CDs without a goal in mind, your subconscious mind will lack a clear and focused direction, and this hinders the subliminal messaging process. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to identify what your goal is.

3) Play your CDs at the appropriate time

Most subliminal CDs recommend usage when you are not busy working or driving. This is important, and you should only listen to them in “dead” time, for example when you are on public transport, or jogging on a treadmill. Whilst it is alright to listen to them whilst conducting other activities, it is better if these activities do not need your full attention, such as driving, as it could be potentially dangerous for you. Check the website or the packaging of your subliminal CD for appropriate instructions on when you can or cannot listen to it.

4) Relaxed atmosphere
If possible, listen to your CD only when you have calmed yourself down and are able to sit quietly without being disturbed for the length of the CD. This way, you will be able to reap the most benefit out of your time spent listening to it. When you are relaxed, your mind and body will be more receptive to the messages it is listening to, which will speed up the process of making the subliminal CDs more effective for you.

5) Reinforcing what you have learnt
Subliminal CDs, much like learning a new subject, require constant reinforcement so that you do not forget what you have learnt. Similarly, it is encouraged to listen to the subliminal CDs at constant intervals to ensure that your mind does not forget what it has learnt!

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How Subliminal Messages help you to Lose Weight

Ever found yourself looking at the weighing scales and wishing you could lose weight? And yet, you scoff at diet pills and weight loss programs that have not worked for you. This is your conscious mind at work. Your conscious mind tells you that it is not possible to lose those pounds, and that subliminal CDs to lose weight are a hoax. However, this is not true!

All your previous weight loss attempts have failed because your conscious mind has already decided that they will fail. Hence, subliminal CDs provide you with the key to losing weight, by bypassing the conscious mind that forms judgments and negative thoughts. The subconscious mind is uncritical, and accepts the opinions and ideas that you embed into it, helping to dispel these negative thoughts. With the help of subliminal CDs to inject positive affirmations into your subconscious mind, you will be able to lose weight now.

That is not to say that just by listening to a subliminal CD over and over you will lose weight! The magic behind subliminal CDs goes beyond that. The message that the CD sends out to your subconscious consists of a few different but simple principles which you will find yourself practicing slowly as you listen to the CD as per the instructions on the packaging. This is how it works.

1) Confidence
The subliminal CDs will give you the confidence in yourself to lose weight. By going straight to your subconscious, you are able to eliminate the root of the weight loss problem: your conscious mind. The conscious mind tells you that it is impossible, and that you will never lose weight, and hence you never lose those pounds.

2) Eat Right, Exercise More
The subliminal CD will encourage you to exercise more, and eat right. You will find yourself more motivated to visit the gym, instead of merely thinking about it. In other words, the subliminal CD contains positive messages that helps you transform your ideas into actions. You will feel your subconscious telling you to get busy and cut down on snacking, and to eat right. All these are knowledge that you already have, but just never put into practice!

3) Drink Water
It is important to drink a lot of water when you’re trying to lose weight. Water acts as a natural cleansing and detox routine, as it flushes out the toxics, fats and calories in your body. This is also a part of the magic of the subliminal CD, which encourages you to drink a healthy amount of water everyday.

Before you know it, you will find yourself avoiding snacks and unhealthy food as your body adjusts to take in only the amount of food that is necessary. This is not magic, it is simply the power of your subconscious mind being harnessed to overcome the negative thoughts that your conscious mind produces!

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Creating Custom Subliminal CDs

The mind is a highly complex instrument, consisting of different levels of consciousness, namely the conscious and the subconscious. Subliminal messages work by bypassing the conscious mind into the subconscious mind, in order to provide it with the goals to transform into reality. Communication links allows the subconscious mind to affect the conscious mind. Thus, ideas or goals that are delivered into the subconscious can be, no matter how unrealistic it may seem at that moment in time, translated into reality. This is as the subconscious is unable to critically pick out fallacies.

Subliminal CDs
There are many outstanding subliminal CD producers online, with a range of products that you may be interested in. These list out the different subliminal messages that are used in the CD, ranging from weight loss, breast enhancement and improved confidence among others. It is important to check for the online site’s credentials, as well as for real life testimonials.

Pre-recorded subliminal CDs are thus a common start to positive affirmations, and credible subliminal CD producers will make sure that the messages they have added will produce the desired positive outcome when you use them according to instructions. A website that offers a guarantee on results based on repeated customers and testimonials is more reliable if you are a new user of subliminal CDs.

Custom Subliminal CDs
In the event that you are unable to find a subliminal CD from a reputable producer to meet your needs, there is always the alternative of producing your own custom subliminal CDs.

Many producers are offering custom subliminal CDs tailored to your needs which are inexpensive. Creating a custom subliminal CD on your own is also possible, using free audio software and a microphone. All you need to do is record the positive affirmations, drop it into the audio recording software and burn it as a audio file.

A Word of Caution
Whilst this is an easy and quick process to achieving a desired subliminal CD, you will need to watch out for the messages that you intend to create. It is important to ensure that the subliminal messages that you are recording are clear and detailed to prevent confusion to your subconscious, and that it will produce the outcome that you are aiming for.

After all, prevention is better than cure. Any subliminal CD that you buy has straight access into your subconscious mind after all, and you want to make sure that you are sending it the right messages. It is always preferred to purchase a subliminal CD from a reputable buyer, and with the huge range of products being offered today it is not difficult to find one that will meet your needs, without the risks that creating your own custom subliminal CD holds.

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Subliminal Advertising – The Lowdown

Due to the complexity of the human mind, it has various levels of consciousness: the state of dreaming, conscious-rational and lastly the subconscious level. This last level is one which is incapable of logic or reasoning abilities, and cannot differentiate between what is real and what is fictional.

Subliminal messages sent into the subconscious mind provides it with the basis to grow the message into reality. It is a form of controlling your thoughts, as there is a link of communication between the subconscious and the conscious mind, allowing it to affect each other. Hence, there has been much controversy surrounding the usage of these subliminal messages, as hidden persuasive messages have been used to manipulate the audience. This has been especially noted in commercials and advertising, and in rock music. There has been much criticism on the use of insidious subliminal messages to increase profits.

Subliminal messages used in advertising, or subliminal advertising, are usually in the form of brief visual or audio messages that your mind does not consciously register what it has seen or heard. There is usually a less than 25% chance that the message will be picked up by the conscious, and is used to provide stimulus for action.

Subliminal advertising does exist. However, very few marketing agencies endeavor to insert such messages due to the powerful impact that they can exert on the audience, which would result in overwhelming negative press that would be received if the subliminal message was detected. This outweighs any potential benefit that the subliminal advertising may bring.

According to an April 2006 issue of the New Scientist, research has proven that subliminal advertising messages do work, under the right conditions. The researchers also found that priming only works when the prime is goal-relevant. In plain English, this means you’re likely to buy a product that quenches your thirst only if you were already thirsty anyway. Subliminal messages are thus more useful in priming a target audience to choose one brand over another, rather than in creating an actual need for the product.

Whilst it is not yet sufficiently proven that the brief subliminal messages can affect your behavior without your awareness of it, it is still debatable if subliminal advertising can be more effective than normal means of promotional communications which people are consciously aware of.

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Subliminal Software – An Honest Review

Subliminal messages are typically embedded in another object, visual or audio, designed to bypass the normal limits of perception, or the conscious mind. It works by affecting the subconscious mind, which through links of communication, is in turn able to affect the conscious mind.

We are in an environment where we are inundated with subliminal messages everyday. Be it in advertisements, on the radio, the internet or the TV, subliminal messages are present. A subliminal message can be as simple as a form of communication between two people. Whether you conveyed a message on purpose or unconsciously, you may be sending out a subliminal message without knowing it.

The question that you may want to ask is then, do subliminal messages and software work, and if so, how effectively?

The effectiveness of the subliminal software depends on how it is created. In other words, the intent and message of the directive that is being sent. Whilst one singular suggestion or message may not be effective, coupled with similar messages or repeated messages, it has a higher chance of taking effect. This is as the subconscious will have greater exposure to that particular message, and hence be more likely to act on it than the other messages that it has picked up.

Subliminal software is commonly used in advertising to create a sense of familiarity or preference for new products. According to Dr Johan Karremans, subliminal messages have a greater effect when the messages are relevant to a specific target. This is done through the process of subliminally priming a certain result without the recipient being aware of it. However, if the recipient has no intention to buy the product in the first place, the subliminal message is unlikely to work. It is most effective when the person intends to buy a certain product or service, by influencing which brand or store the person chooses.

In subliminal advertising, it is most common to use directives to obtain a response from the targeted audience. This could be as simple as a “Buy Today” message! As the subconscious mind is not capable of logic, it simply accepts all information that it is exposed to, without you consciously doing so. It is constantly awake, never needing to rest even while your conscious mind is asleep.

Subliminal software is also found in music, such as in the famous case of a British rock band, Judas Priest. The Judge who oversaw the case stated that the suicide of the two young men would not have taken place unless they really intended it to do so, and that there was no scientific evidence. However, subliminal messages can and do cause an impact on human emotions and behaviour only if it is done unconsciously. The Coke and popcorn test was also eventually found to not produce scientific or substantial evidence under controlled conditions.

Subliminal software does work, but much of it depends on the intent and the message that is being sent, as well as the receptiveness and the repeated emphasis of the message to the recipient. Further, with the effect of priming, 80% of the subjects in a test were found to show preference for a certain brand. Although subliminal messages may not affect everyone, it does affect the behavior of most.

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Famous Subliminal Messages in Music

There have been many rumors and speculations that famous songs actually contain subliminal messages. Subliminal messages used in songs are verbal or aural in natured, and are delivered either very quickly or backwards at such low volumes that the audience is unaware of receiving it. Such charges are made not just to rock music, but even Christian songs as well!

A famous subliminal message in music would be the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, that apparently when played backwards contains satanic messages. This is a form of reverse subliminal messages. More often than not, subliminal message are inserted for entertainment purposes or to increase sales of the album. It has been speculated that Led Zeppelin inserted the message as they thought that if people played the record backwards enough times, it would spoil it and hence lead to increased sales for them!

Other famous subliminal messages in music include one involving The Beatles, specifically the song titled Come Together, which is said to be about sex with John Lennon. Even Britney Spears, in the song “I’m not that Innocent” had supposedly inserted the message “Sleep with me I’m not too young” when played backwards! The rock group Queen’s song “Another One Bites the Dust” is also purported to be talking about drug use when played backwards.

Several years ago, there was a court case involving the suing of a rock group “Judas Priest” which had inserted the subliminal message of “Do it” in their song, which the parents felt induced their children to commit suicide.

Before getting carried away and panicking about the various songs that you have listened to before, the real issue is not whether there are actual subliminal messages included in songs, but if these have any influence on the audience. If you were to hear such a message played backwards, would you be able to understand it, or subconsciously alter your behaviour?

Research has shown that when participants listened to messages recorded backwards, they are unable to decode what it actually was when played normally. Their behaviour was not altered in any noticeable way. After all, if listening to metal bands that proclaim death and gore do not induce people to go on a murder rampage, it is unlikely that such subliminal messages in music can have significant adverse effects on the audience.

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Correcting Negative Behavior with Subliminal Messaging

The human mind is often bombarded with many messages through the various media that we are exposed to. Some of these can be positive, producing improved self-esteem for example, whilst others can be negative, resulting in negative personality traits. Research has shown that these negative traits and habits can be significantly altered, or even removed, with the use of subliminal messaging. This is done by using positive affirmations or subliminal messages to replace the negative and self imposed notions of depression, fear and doubt.

The human behavior is an extension of what our mind processes and believes in. Hence, subliminal messages can act as a motivation to achieving a more positive behavior. Subliminal learning is a self-help alternative that many people are turning to, as it can assist your mind via psychological modifications. Physiological changes can also be effected through the subliminal messages. The brain is able to receive these positive subliminal messages and accelerate the achievement of our goals.

There has been increased research into the area of correcting negative behavior with subliminal messaging, fueled by the possibility of subliminal messages, whether visual or audio, to change behaviors. There is great potential for this that cannot and should not be ignored.

With technological improvement, it is now possible to input subliminal messages into audio means, such as subliminal CDs. These subliminal CDs are designed for professionals or people who are constantly on the move, allowing them to seek self-help and improvement without compromising on time. Subliminal CDs are also an answer to better sound quality, which allows for the incorporation of subliminal messaging technology which audio tapes might not be able to support.

Much like the placebo effect, the mind can also bring about similar changes using subliminal messages to aid in the process of self-healing. Due to the effect of mind over body, and by studying and altering the negative thought patterns in the subconscious which can over time manifest as physical ailments, it is possible to root it out by eliminating such negative thoughts. Subliminal messages can heighten your immune system, and correct negative thoughts to bring about improved personal growth, although the results vary with each individual.

As subliminal CDs input positive affirmations into the subconscious, it is slowly gaining status as being complementary to medicinal and behavioral therapy sessions. They can be used to promote a low stress environment, motivating attitudes and boosting performance. Supporters of subliminal CDs believe that success in achieving their goals of weight loss or improved self-esteem lies in the bypassing of the conscious to convince the subconscious. By convincing the subconscious mind, it is akin to influencing the conscious mind’s opinions and decisions.

The effectiveness of subliminal CDs in correcting negative behavior through subliminal messages has a negative result for every positive result. Although research on this topic is not yet conclusive, it can be seen as a viable form of therapy or as an alternative treatment to the more traditional methods.

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Subliminal Messaging in a Nutshell

What are Subliminal Messages?
The mind is a highly complex instrument, consisting of different levels of consciousness, namely the conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious mind is incapable of logical thought processes or reasoning, and hence cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not.

Subliminal messages work by bypassing the conscious mind into the subconscious mind, in order to provide it with the goals to transform into reality. There is a link of communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind, which allows the subconscious mind, in turn, to affect the conscious mind. Thus, any ideas or goals that are embedded in the subconscious can be delivered into reality, no matter how unrealistic it may seem at that moment in time, as the subconscious is unable to debate or critically pick out the fallacies of these thoughts.

Subliminal Messaging

The Coke and Popcorn Test
Anyone who talks about subliminal messages will probably throw in the infamous “Eat Popcorn/Drink Coke” study by James Vicary in the 1950s. The impact of his study was in the spread of the common knowledge of subliminal messaging, as months after his study was conducted, 41% of respondents of the survey had heard of the term subliminal advertising. By the 1980s, over 80% of the surveyed were aware of the term, and 70% believed that it was effective.

However, we must draw your attention to the fact that the test was merely part of his procedure in obtaining a patent for a machine that could insert subliminal messages, which it did, and not on the effectiveness of said messages.

The Origins of Subliminal Messages
This could probably be attributed to the start of psychology as an empirical science, which could be separated from philosophical thought. According toe Johan Friedrich Herbart, perceptions and thoughts differed from one another in strength, and hence inhibit each other dynamically as they compete to gain enough strength to rise into the conscious mind. Ideas that do not gain enough strength still exist, and through collateral inhibition can influence other ideas that are subsequently consciously experienced. In other words, ideas obtained subliminally can still affect the conscious mind and behaviour.

The Origins of Subliminal Audios
The business of subliminal tapes and now Subliminal Cds originated in the 1950s with Hal Becker, an engineer who experimented with visual subliminal techniques. In 1978, he was able to produce a machine to insert subliminal messages into music tapes. According to the Time magazine, in 1979 50 department stores used this device to insert messages promoting honesty at a subliminal level in the background music. These stores were able to report a significant reduction in shoplifting, although no scientific evidence was offered at that time to substantiate the claim.

Subliminal messages are currently most prominent in the self-help industry, where professionals are able to seek self-improvement without sacrificing time. These areas of improvement are wide ranging, from weight loss, breast enlargement and improvement in sex to self esteem and better sports performance.

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