The magical power of subliminal ad

Subliminal comes from the Latin word sub (below) and limen (threshold). By putting two and two together, you will get the meaning as the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without their being aware of it. The magical power of subliminal ad can be pretty effective on making consumers change their lifestyle and desires. It works by influencing their subconscious mind. This is perceived as the easier way out for all advertisers to get all the consumers they want.

Ever since the first time subliminal ad was tested in the movies in 1950’s and has proven to be highly effective, more and more advertisers view this method of promoting their product as the ideal way of advertising. Since money is all that they care about, they fail to acknowledge about the negative side effects that these can cause the younger generation if the subliminal messages are used wrongly. It is not a wonder why certain countries has restricted and forbid all advertisers from using any form of subliminal messages in their advertisements.

Yes, the uses of subliminal messaging in ads are proven to be highly workable. Subliminal messaging works by influencing the subconscious mind. All the viewer or consumer needs to do is just to sit down and watch advertisement roll by and within an instant, he will get his brain “washed” with the new “hidden” ideas that he didn’t even realise was there to influence him! This is simply because subliminal messages effects one, subconsciously. So, if you are overexposed to the same kind of advertisement in the long run, you will probably adapt to the new set of beliefs and lifestyle in no time.

Most of the time, consumers are unable to detect the subliminal messages that the advertisers have embedded in the advertisements. Let us take the example of a car advertisement. In most car advertisements, you will most probably see how the car drive through curbs and long stretches of road, with the beautiful scenery as the background, and the advertisement will end off nicely with a giant logo of the car. Simple and nice. Throughout the advertisement, you might have thought that the advertisers are trying to show that the car is one that is durable and tough. Well, think again. Subliminally, they just want to tell you to “get this car, and we will help you escape.”  You get the idea.

Subliminal messaging is highly popular now. Some subliminal messages can be pretty good for you, just like how they would show a poster of a well-endowed lady with alluring cleavage, holding a glass of milk, and how they show young girls smiling and laughing as they hold a glass of fruit juice. Tempts you to drink healthily and stay healthy.

Subliminal ads are indeed a magical tool in the advertising world. Advertisers are just doing their job. There is no way you can avoid these subliminal ads even if you want to because it is not too easy to detect one anyway. If you get to detect it, then it is not a subliminal message in first place.

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