Why subliminal ads work better then normal ads?

Grab a magazine now and flip it to any page with an advertisement. All you can see now is a picture of a lady basking in the sun with the camera upfront, zooming at her shades. Looks like a typical advertisement for the latest eyewear. But little did we know that even such normal looking advertisement could have some grotty meaning to it. Don’t believe? Try searching harder! IF you are lucky, maybe you can spot something like the word “SEX” embedded in her hair or somewhere. But why do advertisers bother to use subliminal messages when these messages are not made obvious to consumers? But did you realize that maybe this is the reason why subliminal ads work better then normal ads?

It certainly does not make any sense to sprinkle hidden messages in advertisement, and make the consumers play a game of  “Spot the hidden Mickey.” You might have guessed that it is easier to make advertisements straight to the point, instead of using these sneaky techniques.

The reason why subliminal ads are different from normal ads is because it works by influencing and affecting you subconsciously. Yes, it is true. Your subconscious mind detects these little hints of subliminal images/messages that you see from advertisements or sorts. This is also the main reason why advertisers prefer to use subliminal ads that are not obvious, but subtle.

It is amazing how subliminal advertising that are portrayed in movies or in other forms of medium can turn people into mindless cyborgs who cannot resist the urge to drink a certain brand of beer or the urge to shop at a particular store.

Rapid flashing of logo or images helps to beam messages into the human mind. That is why advertisers repeat their advertisements endlessly so that the new idea-injecting technique works while you are innocently enjoying the program. While these idea-words may appear embedded in the images too fast and too dimly to be seen in the normal way, they surprisingly still register on your mind!

This is in contrast with normal ads that are not as subtle as subliminal ads. They are more straightforward. While these normal ads can be more appealing than subliminal ads, viewers would not be able to retain this information from the ad for long. So for advertisers who use normal advertising techniques, they will definitely have to work harder to get the crowd that they want.

However, others beg to differ. Why would an advertiser risk charges of “brainwashing” and “subliminal suggestion” when good-old-fashioned front-and-center advertising is more effective? You don’t have to trick someone in order to affect his or her preferences. Sometimes the best method of persuasion is the most obvious one.

Also, some believe that by using repeated exposure, it does not necessarily increase one’s liking. Subliminal ads are also said to only work effectively if it involves a new product or brand that is unfamiliar. So, this means that Coca Cola is not going to have much luck with subliminal ads. Subliminal ads tend to contain pretty grotty images/messages. Imagine the influence of subliminal messages on our amateurs.

But one thing is for sure, advertisers can never give up on using subliminal ads. It is a business world out there after all.

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