Subliminal images and its uses

Subliminal images dominate the advertising scene. Believe it or not, they actually do! It is just that as consumers, we are over exposed with advertisements in all form of medium that we no longer bother to give a specific advertisement a second look unless something catches our attention from the corner of the eye. People might have wondered why do advertisers bother using subliminal images in advertisement when we consumers cannot even spot it at first glance. Well, the answer lies within subliminal images and its uses. You might be surprised with the kind of effect that these pictures can cause.

Subliminal images that are below the threshold of human perception can trigger subconscious associations. This is return may and influence emotions and attitudes, especially in movies and television. Other uses of subliminal images would include persuading, teasing, complementing, scaring, disgracing and even seducing the audience!

Subliminal messaging is commonly used in pictures. Though, other forms of subliminal messaging also appear in mediums like songs. It is not easy to detect with the naked eyed. You would probably need to require the skill of squinting and a whole load of imagination. As aforementioned, subliminal pictures contain hidden messages that are believed to be able to increase the product sell.

One example of this is the popcorn sale during a movie in a drive-in theater. In 1953 James Vicary used subliminal messages in pictures by flashing images of “Eat popcorn” and “Drink Coke ” quickly. The verdict: He received an increase in sales for Coke and popcorn! It seems almost like a miracle.

The scientific explanation behind this is that when a person is continuously and quickly shown a subliminal message hidden behind a picture, even after the image is gone our subconscious maintains an after image of the message.

This theory also goes to those who use subliminal messages to improve themselves. For example, if you repeatedly look at your goal hidden as a subliminal message (in a visual) your subconscious will let go of self-beliefs and replace it with your goal. These messages directly influence our sub consciousness and eventually lead our sub consciousness in a certain direction.

To go around using subliminal pictures in advertising or promoting, one is advised to use pictures, which only has subtle messages, instead of obvious ones, like images of sex symbols that are used to promote liquor or cigarettes.

However, some researches argue that the effect of subliminal messages is rather insignificant while others believe that they might cause some harm. Another third group of researches believe that subliminal messages have no effect on our subconscious thus no effect on our actions.

Subliminal pictures have plenty of uses. It comes with the good and the bad. While the purpose of subliminal pictures is just to make consumers buy their product, as consumers, we do have to be careful with the kind of trap that we are in. Subliminal pictures affect us subconsciously, which make it difficult for us to detect it early. It is best to take everything with a pinch of salt and be a wise consumer.

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