The amazing uses of subliminal pictures

There is no way you can spot a subliminal picture in advertisement in one look. But subconsciously, you are able to do it! This is very true, according to research done by scientists who believed that the mind could detect messages though the use of subliminal messaging in advertisements, songs, and movies. Because of this ability, the use of subliminal pictures has increased worldwide. Let us find out about the amazing uses of subliminal pictures.

Subliminal comes from the Latin word sub (below) and limen (threshold). Anything that is below the threshold of the conscious awareness is deemed as a subliminal. The subliminal messages works by influencing the subconscious mind. For example, from a normal poster/picture, one would not be able to detect any hidden message. But the subconscious mind is able to detect it. The consumer is unable to tell the difference. The difference can only be detected in the long run.

Go ahead and Google on “subliminal pictures”. You will get to see throngs of subliminal pictures and boy, most of them sure can be pretty explicit. Little did we know that such innocent pictures actually DO contain explicit subliminal content! Example, it was speculated that in most traveling advertisements; the words “SEX” are embedded in the posters and pictures. Well, while you might think that since we are unable to detect it consciously, why would it be an effective advertising technique?

In 1950’s when subliminal techniques were first used in movie theatres, they have announced an increase in 58% of coke sales. The advertisers simply flashed the images of Coca Cola for 1/30000 second across the face of the actor and presto! They get to increase their sales! Definitely the fast and easy way to scoring the desired amount of response from the public. But however, they faced charges later on from citizens who believe that these advertisers are just cheating them into buying the Cokes.

But again, while these subliminal pictures are used to attract consumers, there are also subliminal pictures that appear in normal ads that do not seem to help to promote anything in particular. In fact some speculated that explicit subliminal pictures that are not in relevance to the product that they are advertising, are just there to attract the attention of the crowd. And also, when you put a yellowed-brain man with an innocent picture, everything can turn explicit and hence irrelevant!

But, no worries. Not all countries allow the use of subliminal pictures. This is partly because subliminal pictures affect us unknowingly, and hence it is somewhat unfair for consumers, as we have the right to make our own decisions too.

Subliminal pictures that are embedded in posters and advertisements are usually pretty subtle in content. They would not want to make it far too obvious, or they would end up getting into trouble for “cheating” the consumers into “forcefully” making them buy their product. So, now that you’ve learnt about the amazing power that lies within the subliminal pictures, how about making it a habit to think about the subliminal pictures or words that might be embedded in advertisements!

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