Using subliminal seduction to score that Chick!

Well, first were the subliminal images in advertisements, and then next was the subliminal messages in songs, now what? The usage of subliminal in seduction too? The world is going crazy! Ok, it is not THAT crazy because after reading this article you will realize that you will soon be interested in using subliminal seduction to score that chick!

Basically, the idea of using subliminal technique is to make the seduction and attraction seems natural. (Well, of course it is not!) . It works by influencing the person’s subconscious mind.

Subliminal seduction is the method of seducing a person to do an act in a rather subtle manner. It is safe to say that subliminal seduction is the same seduction technique but is done covertly. Guys listen up: This technique is more effective if it is used with women.

The secret to the success of subliminal seduction lies within the attitude. No attitude, no babe. As a man, convince her and let her believe that she is incredibly sexy. Boost her ego! While you are doing this, do maintain your status, and do not over do it or it will make you look desperate (like totally!). Next, make her think than you are of greater value and importance than her. To do this, remember to keep your cool at all times. Maintain this attitude throughout!

Then comes in the real conversation. This is no ordinary conversation. It is the seductive conversation. Men always fail to realize than women (by nature) loves to talk! So, tell her the words that she wants to hear. Sprinkle magical and magnificent words to her. Boy, she would probably melt before your very eyes!

Ok, if you are out on a date and ready for dessert, try requesting for chocolates from the menu. Chocolates are like next to diamonds in the list of “what girls love best”! Chocolates gives a great, sensual and seductive mood that leads to love and passion. According to history, chocolate has always been used to seduce beautiful women. Time to make your chick melt with this sinful, seductive desert.

The last tip to scoring that chick: Be yourself! Yes, nothing is sexier than a man who is comfortable with his own skin. By being yourself, it acts as a natural charm! There you go, you do not need drive cars and wear tuxedos to be a charmer and a seducer. Be natural. Girls like is natural too, sometimes.

Imagine this: Many times in a bar you will go up to a woman and ask her to dance and she’ll just say the big fat “NO”. Getting rejected sure hurts! But by using subliminal seduction techniques, you will be able to go and ask that same woman and trust me, she will definitely say yes. With subliminal seduction, by the look in your eye, the manner in which you carry yourself, and the tone and inflection of your voice, you can make a woman weak in her knees.

It is an art that have to be mastered. Use subliminal seduction and have a great night of romance!

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